Ace of Cups

‘Ace of Cups’ is a new short story I wrote, all in one day. It came to me, flowing faster than anything I’ve written in a while. It is not my usual style, either – I typically write dark urban fantasy in third person. ‘Ace of Cups’ is a first-person general fiction short story! I adore it, though. I’m hoping it will inspire many more stories like it in my future.

The story deals with grief and loss, and how to find light and life in a dark time. I have been studying Tarot for my current book manuscript (Restless Spirits), since one of the characters is a witch. I guess I must have been inspired by my research, as well as a recent book I read (‘The Promise of Lightning’ by Jenna Weatherwax)!

Overall, I am super proud of this story. I plan to submit it to a few magazines and see if they pick it up. I’m excited for its potential future!

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