Book review: “Witchcraft for Beginners”

I read this book because I have been researching witchcraft for my book “Restless Spirits” (one of the main characters is a witch)!
❤️ Book: Witchcraft for Beginners, by Bridget Bishop
❤️ Rating: 4.5/5
❤️ Review: This was a short, simple, easy-to-read nonfiction guidebook with lots of information. All the essentials for starting witchcraft were there: different colors for candles and crystals, different herbs and their uses, how to make magic wands, etc. If I had been using this to start my own practice of witchcraft, I would be able to take actionable steps immediately from this book. For my purposes, I was able to glean information about witchcraft that can easily be put into my book.

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