Book review: “Water’s Calling”

❤️ Book: “Water’s Calling” by @courtneyapollmanturner
❤️ Rating: 5/5
❤️ Review (no spoilers): This book was amazing. LeiRain is a strong, relatable character who lays bare her feelings for the reader as she works through her trauma. The supporting characters are all well-rounded and highly-developed, realistic in their characterizations. I read this book in three days because I wanted to know how it ended, and I was not disappointed. I love that it sets up the possibility for a sequel. I also love that I can tell the book was written by a psychologist, as it sets up trauma and trauma-dealing very realistically. As a writer, I also love that it was written in 3rd person, as that is my preferred style as well! The prose was engaging without being overly flowery, and the descriptions were detailed without being cumbersome. Overall, this was a great book, and I highly recommend for fantasy fans and non-traditional-fantasy fans alike. I’m usually more of an urban fantasy reader, but this book tickled my fancy!

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