About Me/My Experience:

I am an author and an avid reader. I have a BA in English, focusing on grammar and writing. I previously worked in a writing center at my university, helping students learn to write better. I also have an ACES (American Copy Editors Society) Certificate in Editing.

I tend to see small details that others may overlook – I spot typos all the time in published books! I have also beta-read for many writers across different genres. I am a speed reader, so I’m able to get through manuscripts quickly while also leaving comments, questions, suggestions, and corrections.

Services offered:

Proofreading: reading your entire manuscript and correcting any typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, etc.

Beta Reading: reading your entire manuscript and offering comments, suggestions, and questions about the content, characters, and storyline.

Editing: a combination of the above services; more in-depth discussions about the plot, story, characters, etc. A combination of developmental editing and copy editing.

*I will provide a free 3-page sample upon request. This ensures that my services are what you are looking for, and that your manuscript is one I am comfortable working with.

*I accept money through PayPal. If you would like to discuss the above services or any other services, please contact me using the form below, or PM me on Instagram here.*